Clown Red Ear Sliders - $125

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Clown Red Ear Sliders - $125

Posted By: Mitch Cowles  on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 13:01

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The first of my 2024 hatchling Clowns are ready to go. I currently have females ready and started on aquamax 300 and bloodworms.

These pictured are all $125 each. I do have a few more then whats picture of different prices ranging from $95-$195.

These are true proven Genetic Clowns, first ones proven in the USA. I started this project back in 2011 when I had a hunch about some unique clown type morphs I got from a farm. In 2017 I proved the morph out. I also produce Albino Clowns, Hybino Clowns and Lubino Clowns from the group. All my clowns are possible het for albinos, Hybino and lubino. They are all about 4 weeks old and feeding on aquamax 300 and frozen bloodworms/beefheart.

Please email me at

All shipping is done in insluated boxes and heat or cold packs if needed. PLEASE NOTE: All delays cause by shipping carriers are out of my hands, I am not responsible for any carrier delays unless you pay for insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: All turtles under 4" are sold for education, scientific, exhibit, or export reasons only. Turtles are not to be sold as pets.

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