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Flashback - The Alterna Files by Cindy Steinle on 2024-02-08 09:43:00

Alterna crew in Del Rio, Photo by Jeff Barringer -

While looking for the photo of the day today, I came across this old gem. See turns 25 today. I have heard the story many times of how Jeff tried to sell this whole website to people 25 plus years ago on herping trips and everyone thought he was crazy! See you have to realize the internet and the tech world we know it is new. We old fogies used to actually talk to people. I know! We would CALL people on the phone and we would answer phones not knowing who was calling! It was insanity! Forums lost their flair when social media hit because people liked that instant gratification. Our archives however is the history of our world. The who's who of the reptile community really and well worth the time to look back. We learned how to make things better back then and you can watch how the reptile community grew to where it is now. We were also closer.

This photo is the early days. Well before started in West Texas the old Alterna crew days. Many of these people are still around, some aren't. How many can you recognize?

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