Well Started Male Apalachicola's

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Well Started Male Apalachicola's

Posted By: Jeff Serrao  on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 19:37

A registered Kingsnake user since 2002-09-26

I respond to every single email inquiry. If you emailed me through an ad, and haven't gotten a response, please check your spam folder. This happens often because you receive it under a business's ( email address and not my personal one. Also customers occasionally mistype their own email address leaving me no way to respond

Yearling Male Apalachicola's

- Male/pic #1 $185 SOLD
- Male/pic #2 $185
- Male/pic #3 $185

Also have one female available only with purchase of a male

Feeding on thawed large fuzzies

click on "view all ads" in upper right hand corner to see my other animals and save on shipping

Shipping- FedEx priority overnight. Flat $55, within Florida $25

Prefer to have boxes picked up at the closest fedex hub (held for pickup) whenever possible for customer. This cuts out risks of the morning local truck, breakdowns, driver vacation coverage, lunch breaks, undesired truck temps, bad directions etc.) The box sits in a climate controlled office, and is able to be picked up from 9AM-7PM; lunch break, after work etc.

My membership level with limits the amount of ads I can post/refresh per classified category per day. If a particular ad drops off it doesn't necessarily mean that animal is sold

Some trades considered
Thanks for looking,

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