WANTED Bearded Dragons

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WANTED Bearded Dragons

Posted By: California Zoological Supply  on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 19:15

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We Are A Lg Dealer Ready To Buy CB Bearded Dragons, normal as well as open to all morphs.

Minimum 5-gram 4"+ nose to tail tip size only. NO nip tails or toes.

We Require A Minimum 40+ to 200 Per Shipment if shipping, No minimum qty if local warehouse drop off.

They must be fat and FULL tails ONLY, No nip tails.

We will pay the freight charges; we email you a pre-paid return express FedEx shipping label.

We mail check within day after we receive the order, we do not ask for or take payment terms.

If You Have Any Now Or In The Future Please E-Mail With Quantity And dealer jobber Pricing offer.
We buy year round.

We only sell to retail stores.
See video link below of our operations.

Tarune "TY" Dillon
California Zoological Supply
45-Years of supplying the Finest Reptiles since 1977

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