Nice RED Bahama Anole male

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Nice RED Bahama Anole male

Posted By: Richard Quick  on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 19:33

A registered Kingsnake user since 2006-06-08

(Anolis sagrei)

Photos are of the exact animal for sale.

Photos are Copyright 2020 R. E. Quick
All Rights Reserved.

The color on this handsome fellow really stands out compared to others of his kind(see second photo).
Combined with his fiery orange dewlap rimmed in bright yellow, he is quite spectacular specimen to behold.
Get him some girls and you should see "more dewlap"...kind of like "more cow bell".
Could be fun to try and make more with his color.
He seems pretty confident, and is not too skittish.
Feeding well on small to medium crickets.

Things don't always have to be expensive to be enjoyed.

$85.00 shipped.

U.S.A. Postal Money Order only.

U.S.A. shipping only, within continental 48 and Alaska.
I ship Monday-Thursday only, weather permitting.

Ordering/ Questions:
Phone calls only (575) 652-3008 (Land line).
Sorry, texts and emails wont work.
You must be at least 18 to order.

Conditional live arrival guarantee only.
All sales are final.

Always happy to provide care tips and advice before and after the sale.

Thanks for your interest,

Richard Quick
(575) 652-3008

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