Herpstat 1 Proportional Thermostat

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Herpstat 1 Proportional Thermostat

Posted By: The Bean Farm  on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 19:15

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Thank you for choosing the Herpstat digital proportional thermostat. This product offers the following features: • Proportional heating constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature (usable range from 40°F to 150°F or 4°C to 65°C). • Soft startup slowly applies power during initial warm-ups. • Configurable for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, and Humidity. • Lighting can simulate sunrise/sunset and moonlight. • User selectable temperature and light ramping allows day to night changes to occur slowly. • Sensor Matching allows the user to digitally calibrate the sensor output to match other equipment. • Auto Power Matching constantly adjusts the power output curve to match the enclosures efficiency. $139.00 ea.

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