Gorgeous CB21 Three toed box turtle hatchlings

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Gorgeous CB21 Three toed box turtle hatchlings

Posted By: Michael R Thathuvaswamy  on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 10:41

A registered Kingsnake user since 2005-10-31

Parting with one CB 2021 Three toed box turtle hatchling. Too young to sex, not incubated for specific sex. Alert and very active. Has a nipped shell from an aggressive turtle in the bunch. These are old injuries that have completely healed. Please e-mail me for picture

NOTE:I do take the time to check if this species is legal to own in the state where you live so please check and make sure you can legally own one of these.

Diet: Feeding on moistened aquatic turtle pellets, ground turkey, tilapia, mixed berries, sweet potatoes, red wigglers and snails.

What to expect: I am happy to answer any questions you have, before and after the transaction is over. The most important thing for me is that my animals get a good home so if you are new to the hobby then I am happy to help you with every aspect of their care. E-mail is the best way to stay in touch with me.

See the reviews about me at

Guarantee: Guaranteed to be alive and outwardly healthy upon arrival if signed for upon delivery.Full refund, yes including the shipping cost, if the animal does not reach you alive, no excuses given.

Price: $90 plus overnight shipping.

Shipping: I will ship via Reptilesexpress for next day arrival. At this time I am shipping only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 FedEx is experiencing occasional delays. If day time high at your end is over 85 then I will only ship to have the box be picked up at the hub, for the safety of the animals.

Packaging: I will always use a box with styrofoam lining. No additional cost for the box.

Payment: Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp and Paypal accepted.

Terms of Sale

When you order turtle(s) or tortoise(s) from me you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all the terms mentioned below

1. All turtles under 4” are sold from one hobbyist (me) to another hobbyist. The turtles are not sold to be pets but for educational, display or scientific purposes only.

2. No sales to minors. By contacting me you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old.

3. No returns. All animals are represented accurately and it is your responsibility to read the description closely.

4. All animals are guaranteed to be healthy when they arrive. It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of the requirements of the species you are purchasing and have the enclosure ready and setup properly before the animals arrives. Research should already be done prior to the order; not after you receive the turtle.

5. I guarantee live arrival, even if FedEx messes up delivery. You should be available to sign and receive the package at the first attempt or if picking up at the hub you should pick up the package within an hour of arrival. Failure to do so will nullify the live arrival guarantee.

6. If there is a problem with the shipment then you should report it within an hour of arrival of the shipment.

7. In the unfortunate event of Dead on Arrival (DOA) I need you to contact me within an hour of arrival of the package. I will need you to ship the deceased animal back to me the same day for a full refund, including shipping cost. All animals I ship out are marked and will be verified before a refund is issued.

8. If there is a health issue with the animal that you just received then report it by the end of the day of arrival and we will respond with what needs to be done. Note that if you choose to take the animal to a veterinarian then you are responsible for all financial obligations and the vet bill will not be covered by us.

9. All animals are sold as unsexed unless the sex is explicitly specified.

10. It is your responsibility to follow quarantine protocols and not expose your established animals to the new turtle(s).

11. I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason, at my discretion. This includes someone I do not feel is ready to commit to daily turtle care.

Please e-mail me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

Michael Thathuvaswamy
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