Dendrobates leucomela 'British Guyana Banded' - Sub Adult

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Dendrobates leucomela 'British Guyana Banded' - Sub Adult

Posted By: Michael Wallitis  on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 07:15

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Dendrobates leucomela 'British Guyana' (c/b Sub-Adult)

$79 Each plus s&h
(shipping fee is dependent on your zip code)

This is a relatively uncommon form of leucomelas from British Guyana and is quite unique in that many individuals possess no spots in the yellow/orange banding. Our adults have no spots at all but this does not necessarily mean that all offspring will be the same. An overall larger form. This prized specimen somewhat resembles the famed O. lehmani at first glance and would make a notable addition to any dart frog collection. Big fat Sub-Adults currently available. (Very limited!)

You are purchasing this frog from Black Jungle, a reputable business serving the frog hobby for 25 years, since 1994.

To order our frogs, click on the link below or give us a Call at 413-325-8179!

We ship from beautiful western Massachusetts and often vend at a variety of shows in the northeast as well as special frog events across the country!

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