20% Off Sale, some real nice animals inside

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20% Off Sale, some real nice animals inside

Posted By: Doug Matuszak/Boa Basement  on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 17:29

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Available Ball Python List

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Doug Matuszak
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Breeding Reptiles since 1988, successfully reproducing 21 Species of snakes, Redfoot Tortoises and Blue Tongue Skinks.

**All Reasonable Offers Always Considered, and payment plans are available with a non-refundable 25% down payment and 90 days to pay off the balance**

**Email me at the address shown above and I can send you links for the videos of the animals you are interested in. They will all be on the site as soon as I can get them there, and they all exist on my YouTube page, Boa Basement**

***20% Off Sale, Every animal listed below is on Sale for 20% Off the posted price. There are some top level projects and “Next Level” pieces as well in the listed animals below, as well as proven breeders that still have many years of production in them ***

Proven Breeders
3 2012 Proven Female dbl het Dreamsicles, $1200 each. Weights range between 1900 - 2600 grams. All are eating live rats. They were weighed 3 months ago and all continue to eat so they are definitely larger then the weights listed from when they were weighed. Only 1 female still available.

1 Proven Breeder Male Desert Ghost het Piebald, $2000. If you have ready to breed female Piebalds and pied combos and want to get into the Desert Ghost Piebald project, this guy is the one for you. He has been cooled but has not been used this season, his Grandson is taking over the family business.

2019 Offspring

1 Male VPI Axanthic Pastel Clown, $5500. The VPI Axanthic Clown is an amazing Designer and I am not just saying that because I produced the World’s First back in 2013 and the World’s First Pastel VPI Axanthic Clown in 2015, I am saying it because they are beautiful Black Grey and White animals. The VPI Ax Clown project does not end with the creation of the Ax Clown, it never ends because we haven’t made Ax Spot Nose Clowns or Ax Bat Man’s or Ax GHI Clowns and so on and so on so this guy and the 2 other VPI Axanthic Clowns below are a great way to get going with your Ax Clown creations.

1 Female VPI Axanthic Pastel Clown, $6000

1 Male VPI Axanthic Clown, $4000

1 Female Pastel Spotnose dbl het VPI Axanthic Clown, $750

1 Male Pastel Spotnose dbl het VPI Axanthic Clown, $750

1 Male Spotnose dbl het VPI Axanthic Clown, $600

2 Male VPI Axanthic het Clown, $750 each

1 Female VPI Axanthic Super Pastel het Clown, $1500

2 Female VPI Axanthic Pastel het Clown, $1000 each

1 Female Pastel Clown het VPI Axanthic, $1250

1 Female Clown het VPI Axanthic, $1000

3 Male Clowns het VPI Axanthic, $750 each, 1901 and 1903 are Sold. 1902 is Available.

2 Male Pastel DH het VPI Axanthic Clown, $250 each, 1902 is still Available.

2 Female Pastel Spotnose Clowns het Hypo, $1500 each. These are awesome pieces for those who want to make some of the amazing Spot Nose Clown combos in the Hypo appearance and there are quite a few that will be amazing with the new paint job.

1 “Female Maker” Male Desert Ghost Piebald Banana, $8,500. The Desert Ghost Piebald project is still very new to the industry and there will be dozens of combinations that will be quite stunning and a boy like this can get someone on their way to be a Big part of what is produced in the future with the Desert Ghost Piebald as the Base appearance to work off of.

1 Male Desert Ghost Piebald, $8,000. Just as I stated for the “female maker” Banana DG Piebald, this project will be a big part of the designing world for Many years to come.

2 Male Desert Ghost het Piebald, $1500. These boys are great for someone who has female Pied and female multi gene Pieds that they want to get into the DG Pied project while not breaking the bank.

1 Male Piebald het Desert Ghost, $1500. This boy is a great piece for those who have female DG and female multi gene DGs to get themselves into a position to make some real amazing DG Pied combos.

1 Female Pastel Enchi DH Desert Ghost Clown, $1250. All I can say from what has all ready been produced out there is that DG Clowns are a Winner and this girl that has both Pastel and Enchi all ready incorporated into her appearance makes her a “no brainer” for that person that wants to get into the DG Clown project. The male below adds the possibility to make Super Enchi Pastel DG Clowns from the very first clutch.

1 Male Enchi DH Desert Ghost Clown, $400

1 Male Enchi Clown, $350

1 Male Pastel Enchi Clown, $400

**More to be added**

**Email me at and I can send you links for the videos of the animals you are interested in and provide up to date weights for those who need that info**

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