2019 Staurotypus triporcatus - availability ends with the end of July

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2019 Staurotypus triporcatus - availability ends with the end of July

Posted By: Nick  on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 22:35

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2019 Staurotypus triporcatus

~4.75" scl

275 shipped

This animal will no longer be available after July ends.

Had been eating lean chicken breast meat, cooked shrimp, salmon, cod, and more with my friend before and has readily taken thawed pre-cooked shrimp and whole thawed raw krill with me (and some grasshoppers from around here). You get the idea. Meaty items. This animal will be a yearling in June. It appears to be and likely is female, but I cannot guarantee so just yet (although I would bet on that being the case were I buying it). Beautiful markings.

These get pretty big (and some get really big), so an enclosure with space and excellent filtration is to be expected in time. Powerful jaws that do not play around, so mind your fingers. Rewarding species to work with, though, and they can make nice display animals in well-designed setups (river rock, drift wood, and so on help with accenting). While these are bred in captivity, not a ton of people breed them consistently, so that is a goal worth striving for if you commit to propagation of the species.

Any buyer is expected to have done his/her research prior to making contact, as it shows intellectual investment in the well-being of the animal(s).


I ship via Fed-Ex. If there is adverse weather involved, we will wait for a safer shipping window as warranted. Contact me via the "Contact Me!" link in the upper left of this ad if you are interested in purchasing. I offer a live arrival guarantee if you are present to receive. If there is a DOA situation, I expect multiple hi-res photos adequately displaying the condition within an hour of receipt (and I may require the corpse/corpses to be sent back to me; you will be compensated for this if it happens). If there is a discrepancy in description, I expect to be made aware of it within the day it is received (in which case, I will issue you a full refund upon safe return of the animal/animals to me). Animals under 4" scl are not sold as pets. Contiguous 48 only (I actually can ship to HI or AK, but there may be additional costs involved that the buyer would have to cover). No trades are desired at this time.

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