1.4 Dreamsicle Project!!

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1.4 Dreamsicle Project!!

Posted By: Extraordinary Ectotherms  on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 17:23

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Pictured are Pieds that are 50% Het Lavender Albino hatched 2018:
Male #18BPC283.
Female #18BPC281.
Female #18BPC282.
The price for all three snakes is $1500.00 Plus Shipping.
If you buy these three snakes I will include for free a female that is 100% het Pied and 50% Het Lav Albino. Picture of her can be provided.
To get these snakes I bred a male Pied 66% Het Lavender to a female 100% Double Het Pied Lavender Albino. I did not get any Lavenders but there were only 4 eggs. In this ad I claim the babies to be 50% het Lav but they may have a higher percentage if you consider the genetics of the male.

E-mail me with your zip code for a shipping quote.
Insurance on live and prompt arrival is available from my shipper at the rate of $2.50 for every $100.00 of insurance and must be paid to me by the buyer if this service is desired.
I guarantee live arrival as long as you buy the insurance and are present at the address you provide when the box is delivered.
I donate to USARK with every sale. If you would like to add to the donation to protect snake ownership just ask for details, it is easy!
I am a Certified Fed Ex Snake Shipper.
I am a verified business.
I accept PayPal,and other forms of payment.
Send any questions to
Thanks! Will Bird

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