Super Red Iguanas 2020 4 months old

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Super Red Iguanas 2020 4 months old

Posted By: Florida Iguana and Tortoise Breeders  on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 19:15

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Super Red Iguanas 4 months old,
This Red Color Morph is from my Malaki pair genetic line.
Pictures and videos available on the site and you can buy online. Rich Red Color.

$279 each shipping $79.
Pairs $550 shipped 
These animals are living outside in my open greenhouse they are strong and growing.  

Super Red Iguanas carry both genes necessary to produce pure genetic color morphs.
Red Iguanas carry one green gene and one Red gene 
the two genetic genes necessary.

Red is a dominant color in iguanas,  so if you cross a red iguana with a green iguana you will get red iguanas with a green belly 
You need to have two Super Red Iguana's to produce pure Red Iguanas.

They require the same care and feeding as any Green Iguana they can grow to 6 feet.

Please see the web site for additional information

Guaranteed Live arrival.
Guaranteed against death for 30 days.
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