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Posted By: REPTILE RAPTURE  on Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 07:15

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MOSSY FROG, VIETNAMESE - Theloderma corticale

Super cool tree frogs. Eating lots of crickets.

$65 + $55 shipping or in store pick up.

No trades. We will not respond to trade requests.
Sorry, we also do not respond to questions that are all ready answered in this ad.

608-221-0094 (store phone)
Reptile Rapture
6308 Monona Dr.
Monona, wi 53716


Any deposits made to hold a specific animal are non-refundable.


For a live arrival guarantee on animal orders, you must give us your nearest fed ex hub address as your shipping address. Then also tell us to "hold package at Fed Ex hub" under the "comments section" of your order. You will need to pick up your animal at the FedEx hub location. A "print n ship" or a Walgreens address is not acceptable. The address you want is the FedEx airport hub for your area. Where the express packages come in. You then pick it up at the hub. We do this for the safety of the animal. So it can be kept in a temperature controlled environment (and not go out on a hot or cold truck).

All our animals are shipped in styrofoam coolers. We add 40 hour heat packs for winter shipping and cool packs in the summer, when necessary. We are a certified reptile shipper with FedEx. We ship reptiles priority overnight for a flat rate of $55 across the U.S. (Unless it’s an oversize package.) Shipping fee also includes packaging materials.

Upon receiving the package, if the animal is D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) you must contact us (by phone or email) within 1 hour of arrival or our guarantee is void. If we do not answer the phone then send us an email. You will also need to provide proof of death by providing us with the animal or specific photos of it that we will require. After providing the animal or photos and it has been determined that it is indeed our animal that we shipped to you. Then you shall receive store credit. There are no cash refunds.

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