Custom Cage Liners

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Custom Cage Liners

Posted By: Morgan  on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 01:32

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I have cage liners available for the cages below. These are the thick grade liners. They are a great time saver and replacement for newspaper and other messy substrates. Helps eliminate floor stains in your cages which equates to higher resale value of your cages. I have them in rolls and sheets. For shipping-pricing total please include quantity, model number and your zip code.

Rolls: Visions, Boaphile, Neodesha, Animal Plastics, Custom Cages, Precision, Glass Aquariums, Iris, Phillips, Rubbermaid and Sterilte boxes. Prices: $25 to $50 per roll.

Sheets: For above sizes: .05 to .75 each.

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