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Posted By: Richard Quick  on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 19:32

A registered Kingsnake user since 2006-06-08

(Tiliqua s. evanescens)

Photos are of the exact animal for sale.

Photos are Copyright 2018-2020 Richard E. Quick
All Rights Reserved.

Behold LARGE MARGE. She is at least 26" long, 5" wide, and flawless.
Her color and pattern is spectacular, and a she is a prime example of her genus and species.

She is a sweetheart, and I have enjoyed her for about 3 years now, but have decided to let her go to a new happy home. To the best of my knowledge she is 5-6 years old.

She will make a spectacular exhibit animal, personal pet, or breeder.
She is easy to handle and would be great for educational programs.

$1,200.00 shipped. Price is firm.
U.S.A. shipping only, within lower 48 and Alaska
All sales are final.

U.S.A. Postal Money Orders Only.
Inexpensive, Federally insured, and available at your USPO.
No other types of money orders or forms of payment accepted.

I ship Monday-Thursday only, weather permitting.

Ordering/ Questions:
By Phone Only (Landline). Sorry, Texts and Emails wont work.
Call me at (575) 652-3008 and I will be happy to help.
You must be at least 18 to order.

Thanks for your interest,

Richard Quick
(575) 652-3008

The following was added on 07/02/20

Dull color in last photo is prior to shedding.

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