CB2019 Western Hogs - Supercondas ph Hypo (#2)

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CB2019 Western Hogs - Supercondas ph Hypo (#2)

Posted By: Gary Leskosky  on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 12:15

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Gorgeous CB2019 Western Hog Supercondas from unrelated parents. All are poss het Evans Hypo (T+ Albino). Breeding pair was Anaconda het Hypo x Anaconda poss het Hypo.

DOB: 7/31 - 8/1/2019. 12-15g. 7-8 inches. 15+ meals.
All babies are eating unscented f/t pinky mice every 5 days.

Pic 1 - $400 Superconda M#3
Pic 2 - $400 Superconda F#2
Pic 3 - Sire NFS

FedEx shipping is additional. Discount offered on pairs, trios and more. Please check out my other Western Hog ads for available Supercondas, Anacondas and Normals.

PayPal and money orders accepted. These animals will only be shipped in suitable temperature / weather conditions.

Thanks for your interest!

Gary Leskosky

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