4 Vision Model 222

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4 Vision Model 222

Posted By: Andy Jones  on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 18:20

A registered Kingsnake user since 2008-01-07

I have 4 Model 222's for sale. All have original glass doors. These have been in storage for quite some time. ALL will need a very good scrubbing and cleaning.

These have small holes drilled into them because I housed Green Tree Pythons in them.
Had to attach perches some how!! LOL
Other than that, no issued.

If you order these, you know, they are "high dollar", if you can even get them!!

I'll offer ALL 4 of these for $1000. BUY two (2) new ones and it will cost you more than this!!! OR...I will sell these for $275 EACH... FIRM...**NO HAGGLING** You must come get these!

I MIGHT be willing to do a little trading for these cages. Let me know what you're offering. Worst I can do is say "No Thanks"...

I am in the 75682 zip code. Between Longview and Tyler, Texas.

I accept PayPal or good old American Cash!!

The smaller cages (211's) have ALL been sold.
Thanks Stan!!

Any questions? Just ask.
Thanks for looking!

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