2016 Roswell-Laddertail (RLT) Double–het Snow – Male – Thanksgiving Sale Savings!

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2016 Roswell-Laddertail (RLT) Double–het Snow – Male – Thanksgiving Sale Savings!

Posted By: BoaMorph  on Monday, November 19, 2018 at 14:59

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This boy is our ONLY 2016 RLT double-het Snow, and he has a really nice high-contrast RLT pattern. We expect him to be breedable this winter/spring.

Genetics: Roswell Laddertail [RLT] double-het Snow (RLT het-Albino, het-Anery)
Sex: Male
BoaMorph ID#: 160920m04
Albino Strain: Kahl
Birth Date: September 20, 2016
Species: 1/8 Bcc (Suriname), 7/8 Bci
Father: Albino RLT het-Anery, 25% Bcc (Suriname)
Mother: Ghost het-Albino
Feeding On: f/t jumbo mice/small rats

PRICE: $749

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